Friday, 20 April 2012

Children's Rights

In Social Studies we are learning about the challenges in human rights.  In a country like Canada, many of us take our rights and freedoms for granted. In this unit we will focus on human rights in Canada and around the world.  We'll see how the United Nations has defined rights it believes all people in the world should have.  We'll also explore some human rights issues in the world today and the responsibilities we have to try and resolve these issues. 

Here is the Convention on the Rights of the Child that the United Nations created in 1989

The Right to Survive:
every child has the right to:
-live with freedom and dignity
-have enough food shelter, water, and clothing to meet his or her needs
-receive proper medical care
-live with his or her family or be well cared for  if this is not possible

The Right to be Protected from Harm:
every child has the right to:
-live in a clean environment
-be protected from physical harm and abuse
-be protected from long work hours and forced labour

The Right to Develop the Fullest:
every child has the right to:
-enjoy life without discrimination
-receive an education
-enjoy recreation and play

The Right to Participate in Family, Cultural and Social Life:
every child has the right to:
-have a name and nationality
-live with his or her family
-practise cultural traditions and customs
-practise his or her religious beliefs
-have his or her voice heard

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