Thursday, 27 October 2011

Our Trip to Mc Nab's Island

On the foggy morning of  Wednesday October 26th, the Villas trekked their way down to DeWolfe Park.  As soon as we got down to the dock the boat arrived.  For those who were unfortunate,  they dragged their bags and feet about 1 km only to arrive at the dock late.  Everyone was waiting for us! Once everyone was on the boat, we took off on our adventure to McNab's Island. As the boat pulled away some of us were splashed by salty ocean water.  As we were sailing towards McNab's Island, we passed under the McKay and MacDonald bridges.  When we passed George's Island, wind whipping by, we went around to dock at Garrison Pier.  The first step off the boat, was a breath of cold fresh air.  As we trudged along, we looked at amazing landmarks of McNab's Island but then we saw the out houses.  We all followed our maps and explored the north and south part of the island.  Some of the trails were slippery, muddy and wet.  Along the way a lot of people got lost.  It was fun. When we arrived at Fort Ives and Fort McNab we were permitted to explore and we stumbled across ghostly artifacts Peter McNab's grave stone as well as the whole McNab family.  As we got further and further into the island, the consistent cries of  "please can we just go onto the boat?" started.  We ate a quick lunch and did more hiking through the afternoon.  Deer, coyotes, and snakes welcomed and surprised us on the trails.  We all made it back on time to the boat.  The ride back that was wet, choppy, gusty and cold was a good time to rest our weary legs.  For the biggest suprise of all, the kids on the top of the boat, got drenched with water that felt like it came out of nowhere!  Some of us were lucky enough to get a drive back up to the school...the rest of us had to walk back up to the school.  Despite the exhausting day of  hiking, we still had a fun time!

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